Marty Marten

Equine Clinician and Western Horseman Author
Problem Solving 1 & 2
by Marty Marten
Preventing & Solving Common Horse Problems

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Marty Marten is a celebrated Equine Clinician and author.  His books are dedicated to preventing as well as solving common problems and are available for purchase here.

Marty is an experienced Equine clinician and offers several opportunities for you to learn from the best.  He has teamed up with Jody Marken and several great guest instructors to offer regular Trail Obstacle Clinics at Two Spruce Farm.  We are also offering several Cow Working Clinics and a Fear Management Clinic this year.
"At any age in a horses life, you can rebuild the horse's foundation." ~ Marty Marten
Marty Marten  ||  2210 N. Main St. #203, Longmont, CO  80501  ||  (303) 990-1262
Hi friends,

Our thoughts go out to everyone for good wishes - after the recent horrific flooding changed the landscape of our area.  Whether we were personally involved in the destruction, or whether our hearts go to those that sustained damages it is a trying time for all.

We want to THANK each and every one of you AND your wonderful horses for your participation in the clinics this year.  We had a special year because of YOU!!  It gives us such pleasure to be a part of the positive changes that you created with your horse(s) and to help lay the foundation for your future endeavors.

We want to offer a special THANKS to our Guest Instructors for 2013 Christy Cramer, Kristi Plutt, Amy and Steve LeSatz, Emily Johnson, Roger Kyle, Keith Jacobson and cattle provided by Les Shannon/Shannon Lowlines.  Please contact them for future instruction as we highly recommend them.
We would love for you to keep us in the loop and let us know how things are going . . .

Take advantage of the opportunity to join in periodic private or small group lessons.  Jody is available to work with you on basic horsemanship, Trail Obstacles, beginning jumping AND whatever you have in mind for improving your relationship between you and your horse.  Call 720-201-4363

Two Spruce Farm
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~ Jody and Marty